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Christmas (and Autumn) Ranges Available For Preorder!

We are delighted to showcase a selection exclusive Christmas and Autumn products that are now available for you to preorder (with no deposit necessary!*)

We have hundreds more Christmas Products coming in later this year, and these are available to view by clicking here.

However, we are currently accepting preorders on the ranges below (wreaths, reindeers, brushwood, ceramic wax melters and pumpkins!).

How To Place Your Preorder:

  • Simply add your chosen items below and place your order as you normally would. It's as easy as that.
  • IMPORTANT: We ask only one thing! Please DO NOT place orders for a 'mixture' of Preorder products and normal 'in-stock' items. Before placing your preorder, please ensure that your shopping basket does NOT contain any general stock items. Unfortunately any preorder which doesn't contain ONLY preorder items may be automatically cancelled, and/or items will be removed without notification.

Paying For Your Preorder:

  • We do not require payment upfront. Instead, we recommend that your preorder is placed without any payment, and a payment request will be sent to you approximately 4 weeks prior to the arrival of goods.
  • When you reach Payment Options at Checkout:
    • Please select 'Other Ways To Pay', and then 'Christmas Preorders Only'.
    • You will then be able to place your order without payment, and we will email you nearer the time to request payment.
  • *Please Note: Orders in excess of £2000 GBP may require a 10% deposit to secure (discretionary).

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All normal T&Cs also apply. Please see the footer of our website for full company T&Cs. We are fully committed to these order with our factories in China which have been paid for in full. We are also committed to containers and space on vessel sailing from the Far East. Whilst there are no foreseeable reasons for delays or worse, in the event of a breakdown in the supply chain due to events or circumstances outside of our control, we fully reserve the right to issue refunds in full for goods that we are unable to supply. Sparks Gift Wholesalers LLP assumes no responsibility or liability for any third party related costs incurred due to order cancellations, including loss of earnings.

Placing an order for 'Preorder' flagged items constitutes acceptance of the terms above.