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Last Updated: 30/11/2020
Credit Card Chargeback

A 'chargeback ' is when you contact your credit card company to report a transaction as unknown or not authorised.

The name that appears on your statement for any credit/debit card transaction made with us will be either Sparks Gift Wholesalers (LLP) / Amalfi Imports Ltd.

It is very important you do not contact your credit card company and report this transaction as unknown to you if the order has been delivered and signed for.

If you think there is a problem with your order you must contact us in writing (letter or email) to resolve the problem.

Cancelling the transaction with your credit card company may be considered theft or fraud and your details will be passed to the relevant authority for investigation.

This could result in a claim being made against you and could damage your credit rating.

If a transaction is charged back to you and proof of delivery is available, we reserve the right to either:

A) Re-charge the credit card you used to make the payment for the full amount, plus an additional £25 to cover our administration costs.


B) Issue a claim via the appropriate legal service – This could affect your credit rating and leave CCJ’s against you.

If you request a chargeback after a refund has been issued, you will be liable for a charge of £25 to cover our administration costs and any charges made to us.

Credit card protection regulations ensure your account is automatically credited when a chargeback is issued,

If a refund has already been made, a further chargeback will be considered theft or fraud and appropriate legal action may be taken against you.

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