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Bulbs (Prolonging Bulb Life in Aroma Lamps)
Without prejudice, it has come to our attention recently, through a number of published articles, that the lifespan of G9 halogen bulbs may be prolonged by handling new bulbs with care and not touchi
Burner Design Competition!
We're delighted to be running an exciting new competition! We're looking for new oil burner / melt warmer designs, and we need your help!! Simply sketch out your design ideas, and email them back to u
Essential Oils & Pets - IMPORTANT
Essential Oils in Electric Humidifier Diffusers - Using Them Safely Around Pets Please be aware that certain essential oils can be toxic to cats, dogs, and other pets, and should not be used in elect
*Please Note: We will be trying our best to dispatch all EU orders that are currently placed/processing. Due to the reasons below, some items may be removed and refunded, and if further issues arise
Loyalty Points
We are really pleased to now offer our customers Loyalty points and quite simply this is how it works. Earning Points When you make a purchase from our website you will earn one Sparks loyalty p
Orders Returned / Re-stocking Fee
We endeavour to process and dispatch all orders within 48 hours of receiving them (allow longer times at busy periods) and pay for next day delivery. (Although it is next day we stipulate that 72 hour
Refunds and Credits
Should a credit or refund be required/issued then please allow up to seven days from the date that the credit/refund is agreed to be issued. A credit can be/will be placed on your account and used aga
Using Max Melts
If you're thinking about selling wax melts, or whether you already have a wax melt / fragrance oil business, there are lots of things to consider.... How to get your wax melts CLP certified,
Warehouse Opening Hours
Warehouse Opening Hours Sunday 10.00am - 1.00pm Monday and Tuesday 9.00am - 5.00pm Wednesday 9.00am - 8.00pm (late closing) Thursday and Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm CLOSED SATURDAY Please