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Download Full Product CSV File

We are pleased to enable a downloadable CSV file for our entire product catalogue (including SKUs, product names, barcodes, prices and stock levels).

Please click the yellow button above to download our most recent file (updated weekly - every Monday).

At the moment, the data available is limited to the fields listed above. We are aware that some customers may require other pieces of information, and whilst we will be working to widen the scope of the data available, other pieces of data are not readily available just yet. Please bare with us as we look to include more data in future.

Bulk Inquiries & Restocking Requests

If the product you are interested in is out-of-stock, or if we have fewer pieces in-stock than you require... fear not. We're here to help.

.Whilst the aim is always to maintain good stock levels of the most popular items, often a fast-selling line will be out-of-stock, or low-in-stock, for a period of time.

When that happens, we want to keep you as informed as possible about that item's future availability.

Once we know it's next arrival date, we will put this in capital letters at the beginning of the product name (ie, DUE APRIL, for example).

However, if you still have an inquiry to make for any of the reasons below, we can help. Just ask us.

1) The product is out of stock, but doesn't have a 'DUE' date showing yet.

2) The product has a 'DUE' date, but I want to reserve a particular quantity for when it does arrive again.

3) The product is in stock, but I want more stock than is currently available.

What to do?

In short, please reach out to us. We'll be happy to help.

The best method of inquiry is via email, as we then have a clear email trail, and can forward this to the relevant buyer for more information.

Just email customerservices@sparksgiftwholesalers.co.uk

(Please state the product codes and quantities you are looking for).

We will then endeavour to find out the information you require as quickly as possible.

Often, our team will be able to liaise with our buyers to get a firm restocking date, to reserve you a particular quantity, or sometimes to speed up the date by which more stock will arrive.

The only thing to note for preorders/reservations, is that a minimum quantity would usually apply (typically carton quantities, or inner/ctn quantities for items £5+ generally). Our team will be more than happy to advise, and even if your desired quantity is lower than this, we will still be able to advise the next availability date.

This applies to ALL or ANY product which is out of stock, or for which you wish to order a higher quantity than is available.

So, don't be shy, we're here to help get you the stock you need, as quickly as possible.